Salesforce Casts Podcast

Salesforce Casts Podcast

A Salesforce Casts Initiative

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    Spring '19 release notes [2/2]

    This episode focuses on few other features which were not highlighted in the previous episode.

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    Spring '19 release notes [1/2]

    In this episode we will be looking into the new features that were introduced in Spring 19 release.

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    Frequently asked questions by newbies

    In this episode let me walk you through some of the most frequently asked questions by newbies, who either wants to make their career on Salesforce or who's trying to learn Salesforce.

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    Things you need to know about REST API

    In this episode we will be talking about basics of REST API, what does it do, when is it used, structure of the API URL’s, HTTP status codes, Response Format and other useful things.

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    Best Practices in Apex Programming

    In this episode we will be discussing about best practices that a developer needs to consider when he crafts Apex code.

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    All about Einstein & Voice Assistant

    In this episode we will talk about the new product launch in Dreamforce '18 which is Einstein and the Voice Assistant.

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